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Joseph Grau
Lives and works in Paris

His musicality evident from an early age, Joseph Grau rapidly became an excellent instrumentalist.
There is no shortage of plaudits for this highly experienced and qualified artist, but that does not mean we should stop the discourse here. A multi-facetted musician, full of curiosity and optimism, Joseph doesn't stop at interpreting, brilliantly, the repertoire from the golden age of the recorder.
His musical approach, supported by his close involvement in contemporary composition, has led this lover of paintings and philosophy to open new doors for himself and his instrument. At the boundaries of all influences and all periods, between chamber music and world music, traditional repertoire, baroque, classical or contemporary, this veritable leader on the French and European scenes realizes a perfect symbiosis of technique and a comprehensible vision of music, whilst marrying intelect and emotion.

Norbert Amsellem


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